Welcome to our taproom

Located in Downtown Tucson, Pueblo Vida Brewing Company creates an authentic beer drinking experience by brewing unique and world inspired beer styles that are locally crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Our passion is brewing. We strive for quality, uniqueness, and repeatability.

Our brewery and taproom space was built in 1918 and we immediately envisioned its grand potential.  Ninety six years of add-ons including plaster over the red bricks, a drop ceiling covering the old growth Mt. Lemmon pine, and the painted hardwood fir floors were all uncovered so the original craftsmanship of the building could be seen again. We worked hard to bring back its original luster and create a place where you can feel at home.


Food, Dogs & Bikes



Food is always allowed in our taproom! Although we do not have a kitchen on-site, we do have some snacks (POPPED Artisan Popcorn & Pub Mix + Chips & Salsa from Queen Ceviche) for sale. Downtown Tucson also has many great restaurants that either deliver or allow take-out, ask the bartender for our Take Out & Delivery Menu book, choose whatever looks tasty and enjoy!




Our taproom is dog-friendly! We do ask that your dog is appropriately potty trained, stays on a leash at all times, plays well with others (humans & other dogs) & keeps all 4-paws on the ground at all time. Also, be aware of your surroundings, regarding other people petting your dog and the signs when your dog may be feeling overwhelmed! It gets hot in the desert, so please pack water for your four-legged friend! 

Bicycle Pic.jpg


We love our local cycling community! There are a few bike racks located near the entrance to our brewery, however, if they are full (which often happens) or you don't feel comfortable leaving your bike outside, just ask the bartender on-duty where the best place to store it inside is!