Infusion Release: Breakfast Stout with Blueberries

  • Pueblo Vida Brewing Company 115 E Broadway Blvd Tucson, AZ, 85701 United States

We infused our Breakfast Stout with Blueberries. This stout was brewed with Yellow Brick Coffee's Ethiopian roast which has a hint of berries. We have now infused it with fresh blueberries to add to those berry notes. It is scrumptious! You might be wanting this one with a side of pancakes for your breakfast tomorrow morning!! Cheers!

We craft a different infusion every week from ideas our brewers, staff, friends, customers, neighbors, anyone really. It's one of the beers we already have on tap with an extra ingredient to make a one-time special brew. We only do one keg of each infusion and its only available at our taproom. A new infusion will go on tap every Tuesday and when it is out, it's gone. Let us know your favorites and if you have an idea for an infusion!