Infusion - Nelson IPA with Peaches

  • Pueblo Vida Brewing Company 115 East Broadway Boulevard Tucson, AZ, 85701 United States

We infused our Nelson IPA with Peaches! This IPA already has a funky fruity-ness that is delicious and the peaches just add more to the wonderful aroma and taste of the beer! Don't miss out, see you Tuesday!

We craft a different infusion every week from ideas our brewers, staff, friends, customers, neighbors, anyone really. It's one of the beers we already have on tap with an extra ingredient to make a one-time special brew. We only do one keg of each infusion and its only available at our taproom. A new infusion will go on tap every Tuesday and when it is out, it's gone. Let us know your favorites and if you have an idea for an infusion!

November 15
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November 22
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